The Stanley Parable Demo – Review

There I was minding my own business on a quiet hot Friday afternoon when I came across an interesting little game called The Stanley Parable on Steam’s front page. I had nothing better to do so I clicked, watched the intriguing but a little bit confusing trailer that coincidentally didn’t seem to explain anything  about the actual game; alas at the end of the trailer were the words “To Learn More Download The Free Demo” After a rather small 800…

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Isobel & The Patissier Screening

Hi Guys, I haven’t updated the blog in ages but here we go! So as I mentioned before I have been working on an indie film Isobel & The Patissier for the past five or so weeks, and the last few weeks have probably involved very little sleep if any. My first experience as a VFX supervisor has been great and the whole team at MSQUARE Productions have been great and really friendly when I flew over to Sydney to…

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Maintaining A Consistent Look

Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I am slowly recreating all the thumbnails for my 260 or so Youtube videos to create a consistent look all round, some of the completed ones are just above this post! They will be rolling out over the next few days with about one seventh of them already live. Enjoy your week and remember to Like and Subscribe! 🙂 Dylan

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