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Caffeine Demo v0.2 Change Log


Dylan here excited to reveal the additions that will be included in the next version of the Caffeine Demo which is being released this week.

Caffeine Demo v0.2 Change Log

– New Wall Pylons.
– New Dynamic Station Rotation (With Real-Time GI).
– New Reception Area.
– New Scares.
– New Resolutions: 2560×1440, 2560×1600, 3200×1800, 3840×2160.
– New Graphical Settings.

– Audio Log Volume.
– Collision to corner wall segments.

In addition I released a new video showing the “work in progress” real time global illumination in action.

Caffeine Unreal 4 Demo


Good afternoon everyone!

I have been busy working away on Caffeine in preparation for a new Unreal 4 based demo!

This demo will be released late this week and consists of a re-designed starting level based on the old Unreal 3 demo.

The purpose of this release is to give a demonstration of the new Unreal 4 based visuals and better performance!

Don’t forget to head over to the Caffeine IndieGoGo to support the game and grab yourself a copy of the game and a whole lot of other goodies!

So far we have reached almost $3000 and while that is very shy of the $80,000 I was asking for with the flexible funding of IndieGoGo this money will still be going towards Caffeine and in the future there is a possibility of a Kickstarter campaign due to their larger community and notoriety.

IndieGoGo Campaign:
I want to convey my huge thanks to everyone who has supported Caffeine so far, through donating, sharing or even writing cool articles about the game!

Cheers from Adelaide!


Caffeine Moves To Unreal 4


Good afternoon everyone!

I am writing this quick post today to let you all know that with the release of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 yesterday I am excited to announce that Caffeine is moving development over to the brand new engine!

Now that the demo is feature complete and almost ready for release on Tuesday, I have begun porting all my asset library over to Unreal 4 and the results have been fantastic so far!

Once the demo is released expect screenshots and videos to be much much better looking.

Anyway guys I’m off to create installers for the demo, don’t forget to grab the demo Tuesday and then support my Indiegogo campaign when it launches next Monday!



More Demo Details


Hello all,

Hope everyone is having a great week and is looking forward to the Caffeine demo release next week!

I wanted to take some time to talk about the Demo some more and to shed some light on what I have been working on the past week.

Demo Details

The demo for Caffeine should be thought of as a proof of concept demonstration, yes it is short but the main goal of it is to give everyone a feel for what the full game could offer.

I created the Demo in the hopes that it would show off the art style, sound design and some of the game-play elements.

Some things I would like to point out;

  • Notes are 100% readable on low settings!
  • The Demo will be using an external launcher to set and change video settings (Full game will have a proper in-game settings menu).
  • At this point in time only a Windows version will be available (A Mac version is definitely a possibility in the near future).
  • Indiegogo Funding Campaign will be starting one week after the Demo is released!

Now that that is out of the way on to what I’ve been working on!

The Past Week

This week has been a little crazy, I have been spending a lot of my time polishing the demo level and finishing off animations and sounds. I still have a little bit of texturing to do and to add in an awesome voice over by one of my good friends!

Other than developing Caffeine this week I have taken a strong (hopefully good) approach to marketing and raising awareness for Caffeine all over the web. Of note are some of the cool articles being written about Caffeine on some non-English speaking websites!

In Conclusion

Everything is on track so far! Lets all keep our fingers crossed and keep spreading the word about Caffeine around the web and in real life!

Remember to go and like & Share Caffeine on Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google+ and of course IndieDB!

Thanks guys!


Caffeine Update 5/03/14


Hello all!
I know I have not updated much lately but the last week has been a little crazy.


First off there have been some fantastic articles written about Caffeine in the last week or so, including ones from Bloody Disgusting, Niche Gamer, Coffee Break Gaming, DSO Gaming, PC games Hardware, M3 Magazine, Realm of Gaming, Rely on Horror and the Teaser even made it all the way to Gametrailers!


Development is still going strong, most of the level design is now locked in for the demo level which gives me a good amount of time to get all the props and detail done!  On the lore side of things I have started to collate a number of documents detailing back story and characters for me to then distribute into note textures for in-game.

On the performance side of things I made a breakthrough and finally got rid of some bad frame rate issues and fixed up my water shader with some shiny features 😀

Hopefully the demo will be out for you all to play in 3-4 weeks!

Finally thanks so much for all of your support for Caffeine! being a part of such a great community is a fantastic feeling!

Cheers and until next time,



Caffeine Update 13/02/14


Hey guys!, I would like to thank everyone who has added Caffeine to their watch lists and the abundance of people still sharing this page on Twitter.
Today’s update is about three things random sounds, performance and menus.

This week I have been laying out a simple structure to base the game on, this is why there aren’t many new areas this week since most of the work I have been doing is under the hood.
First of all I have implemented a random creepy sound generator using Kismet, even with only a few base sounds it provides for a fresh experience for each person, most of the sounds are barley audible but it makes for those “did I just hear something” moments in-game.

Secondly I have been focusing on performance, even though I am aiming Caffeine at higher-end systems, I want to at least make it run well and at the moment it really doesn’t. This is something I am actively working on as having a low performance increases the risk of pop-in!

Last but not least I have created a simple menu for testing purposes which just makes it easier for me to gauge the performance difference at different resolutions, this is laying the groundwork for an in-game menu system and inventory for you guys to collect trinkets and audio logs! Speaking of audio logs I have already had a voice actor asking to be involved which is great news!

Watch out for an updated game play trailer of the prototype level using all my updated modules tomorrow!

Don’t forget to go over to to show your support!

Cheers guys!

Creating A Simple Window With UDK


To start off I modelled some simple geometry created from two polygon cubes in Maya (you can use max too).

Below are my two polygon objects within Maya, a window pane and  a simple wall with a window cut-out.


Next I imported the two objects into UDK, then I created a material named window_pane.


When setting up the material, set the blend mode to BLEND_Translucent.

The basic set-up I have below is a simple transparent window material, all the variables are just using the standard constants for the inputs :).


And that is it! I will make a new tutorial on creating refractive glass sometime :).


UDK Space Station Prototype


high6 high5 high4 high3 high2 hight1

Battlestar Model 2014


Every year or so I like to test my modelling skills by attempting to model a Battlestar within Maya, with each year it seems to get more and more detailed.

Here are some shots from the progress of this years model 🙂 Enjoy!

Game Concepts


Hi all, I wanted to share some game concepts I have recently been working on for a UDK game that I am creating in line with a Game Dev course I am taking.

Everything here is Maya and Rendered with Arnold.