Incandescent Imaging

The Market – Digital Tutors Winner


Turns out that my entry for the Digital Tutors November Contest was the winner!

I had a great time creating this piece of artwork over 30 days.

The Market - FInal_00000


To purchase any of my artwork please don’t hesitate to check out my prints that are on sale HERE.

Working On A Film, And Winning A Competition


Hi guys,

I thought I could chime in on what has been going on recently.. Don’t judge i’m still a newbie at all this blogging stuff.

First off I ended up winning The Digital Tutors April contest with my entry “The Machine Inside” which can be found here, and I can¬†guarantee that the $50 Amazon voucher went to good use for my Blu ray¬†collection.

The second piece of news I wanted to put up here is that I am very proud to announce that I am working with a small team on a short film “Isobel & The Patissier” which has been filmed on RED Epics, which is very very exciting, it’s my first ever proper film even if it is an indie film it is still some awesome news for me.

That’s all for today! I will be updating this blog with more things and videos almost daily so be sure to keep a look out!