Caffeine in UE4 – Head-Bob

In Caffeine I needed a smooth simple head bob animation that was easily configurable. My final implementation worked by having the first person camera parented to a spring arm which was animated with a timeline node. To account for different velocity the result from the timeline was then multiplied by the movement input axis.

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Caffeine Demo Version 0.3

Hello fans of Caffeine! Today I am releasing an update to the demo and I really hope you all enjoy! Release Notes ¬†Advanced Graphical Settings (In Launcher) 64-Bit Core (Caffeine Requires a 64-Bit Operating System At The Moment) Enabled Developer Console (For Tweaking Oculus Settings) Enhanced Lighting Upgraded To Unreal Engine 4.2 Base (FPS increase observed on my mid level system) If your reflections look a little fuzzy, try hitting ~ and typing in “r.SSR.Quality 4” without quotes and hit…

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