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Caffeine and the tale of two failed Hard Drives


Late yesterday afternoon I noticed my desktop was running a little slow and something felt off, but thought nothing of it at the time. About an hour later, I opened Unreal Engine to continue working on Caffeine which I do most nights after work. To my absolute horror the Drive that was holding my main working directory for Caffeine was gone.. “what a pain” I thought “okay I have lost maybe a week or two’s work, no big deal” I then went to grab my backup drive.

Turns out in a weird evil twist that my backup drive had also failed…

I have managed to recover some parts of the game since yesterday but it is really not looking good in terms of the chances of getting a sizable amount of it back. I know what you are thinking, “you should have had it backed up in the cloud!”, I should have but living in Australia and being stuck on ADSL 1 I chose not to at the time, which I have learned was a grave mistake.

Fear not though! I am not stopping development of Caffeine now, I have come way too far for that, this is a huge passion for me and I will be working extra hard to get this game done in time.

This got me thinking about the release date for the game and the way I have been planning on releasing it. It is very tempting at the moment to switch to an episodic release , but that can be quite controversial to some so I would like your honest opinion on the matter.

The advantage to an Episodic release would be that I can have the first part out in the wild earlier than expected, since my story is structured in sections it may end up suiting this release schedule. If by chance Caffeine did end up going down this route, don’t worry about pricing etc, the ENTIRE game will still be $20 on release of the first part and the other parts would just seamlessly come in an update to the game, no extra cost to anyone.

However that may not be to your taste and you might prefer having the full game all at once, the only bad thing about this is I may have to delay the release date depending on how much more work I can salvage from my data loss.

In conclusion please please fill out this quick survey located here: and let me know your thoughts on the issue.

Please note, I have not made any decisions yet as I wanted to see your opinions first on the matter.


There is an Easter egg in the Steam Caffeine demo, find it to win a pre-order!


Late last night I pushed an update to the Steam demo, it contained some performance fixes etc but it also has a small little Easter egg embedded in a certain section of the station.

Be sure to be up to date on Steam and the first person to email me with an image of the Easter egg will win a pre-order for Caffeine!

Send images to:

Caffeine Pre-Release Demo Available For Linux!


Some great news today, the Caffeine pre-release demo has been updated for Linux!

This brings the Linux Demo in to line with it’s Windows counterpart.

Please don’t hesitate to give it a try and post some feedback / guides to get it working under different distributions.

You can grab it right here

Caffeine’s DFRT Shadows


Caffeine Now Available For Pre-Order


I have made the decision to make Caffeine available for pre-order for the discounted price of $15 over on The Rift Arcade as quite a few fans have been asking me ways to help fund the game and to be able to secure a copy.

So if you have been eyeing Caffeine for a while you can go over to, click “Download” and choose “Caffeine- PRE ORDER” from the list!

Have fun!



Caffeine Pre-Alpha Demo – v1.05 Patch


After a good few days with my brand new Oculus Rift DK2, I have prepared a patch for the Caffeine Demo on Steam.

Non-Oculus Features

  • Implementation of Distance Field Ray-traced Shadows – Awesome penumbra, no shadow-map aliasing and better performance!
  • Large performance boost – R9 280 hits up to 80fps on max settings at 1080p (Level streaming still causing some jarring hiccups).
  • Menu system is in development – Very basic at the moment (does not render correctly in Oculus at this time).

Oculus Features

  • Hotkey to switch between Oculus appropriate settings – Dynamic shadows are currently disabled for Rift settings as the DFRT Shadows have some strange issues in stereo at this time.
  • Hotkey to reset orientation / head position.

Another patch will be released sometime in the next month with more performance and the inclusion of a shadow method that will work well in VR.

Caffeine Development Update – October 2014


Welcome to the October Development Update for Caffeine!

The State Of Caffeine

The core components of Caffeine are coming along quite nicely, below are a few tidbits of what I have been working on in the past month!


When the demo for Caffeine was released on Steam last month, it’s performance was below average and was only hitting about 30fps on a R9 280 at 1080p. Because of this I have been working on getting this figure way up to not only provide a good experience on PC but also to prepare for the lower spec of certain consoles and the 75fps target of the Oculus Rift.

So far the results have been great, and I feel I am almost reaching where i want to be in terms of base performance to move ahead with more level design.

Some screenshots with relevant FPS captured on a R9 280 coupled with an AMD FX-8120.

Please note: These screenshots were taken without SSR(Screen Space Reflections) as I was testing for potential Oculus performance, they cost me up to 10fps depending on the area.
Once I have the optimizations completed I will merge them back into the demo build for you all to check out!

Other News

Oculus Rift DK2

It looks like Caffeine’s DK2 will be arriving whenever Oculus decide that Australia deserves another batch, so let’s hope that’s soon!

GCAP 2014 & Pax Australia

I managed to get selected to benefit from the GCAP Assist program which means that I will be at GCAP 14 in 10 days time (28th Oct) and I will also be staying in Melbourne for Pax Australia later that week!

Be sure to say hi of you attend and happen to spot me!


Have a safe weekend,



Caffeine is now on Steam!


Caffeine now has an official Steam Store page!

Be sure to go and add Caffeine to your steam wishlist and show your support!

Caffeine has been Greenlit


Early this morning I got the fantastic news that Caffeine has been greenlit by the Steam Community.

Thank you all for the amazing support so far, it really shows how much of a great community this is and I am glad to be a part of it!

More news to come within the week, stay safe everyone!



Caffeine Pre-Release Demo v1.0


The final Caffeine pre-release demo has been released!

The purpose of the pre-release demo is give all of you an early look at the atmosphere, visual style and the beginnings of the narrative.

If you enjoy the demo, vote for Caffeine on Steam Greenlight!


Release Notes

  • Substantial performance increase from implementing level streaming.
  • Various improvements to the physics based object interaction system.
  • Based on Unreal Engine 4.4.1 (Full Oculus DK2 Support!).
  • In-Game graphical settings.
  • Crouching is now fixed.
  • Some new background lore to find!
  • A few other surprises.

Direct Links

Windows (32-Bit)  |  Windows (64-Bit)  |  Linux Builds were having an issue, fixing now!

Mirror Links

IndieDB  –  Windows (32-Bit)  |  Windows (64-Bit)

AusGamers  –  Windows (32-Bit)  |  Windows (64-Bit)



  1. Extract to directory of choice.
  2. If you have not installed the Microsoft C++ Redist 2013 before please go to and grab the version that suits your system.
  3. Run Caffeine Launcher.exe choose your settings and hit Play!
  4. Don’t forget to leave feedback through the launcher.


  1. Extract to directory of choice.
  2. Run \LinuxNoEditor\CaffeineGame\Binaries\Linux\CaffeineGame to Play!

 Linux Notes

  • If you get a libGL error you may need to update to a newer version.
  • So far this build has only been tested on Debian Unstable. (Please let me know if it works on your Linux distribution!)