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Caffeine Episode One has been released!


It is my pleasure to announce that Caffeine – Episode One has been released on both Steam and

Episode One is the hour long introductory chapter of the game and introduces players to the visually stunning world that is Caffeine.

The full game which includes Episodes Two and Three when released is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms for the launch week discount of $15.99 USD.

Caffeine 2015 Demo Now Oculus Compatible!


With the Oculus Rift now working on Windows 7, an Oculus build of the 2015 Caffeine Demo is now available!

With new-found experience developing for VR from working on OSVR integration, today’s demo release performs a great deal better than the previous 2014 demo which allows for a much more immersive experience.

  • Oculus SDK 0.7 compatible (Works on Windows 10!).
  • Hit Alt+Enter to enable Rift mode.

You can grab the demo from IndieDB below!

Caffeine 2015 Demo - Oculus

Caffeine – Flooded Gameplay


Hello everyone,

By now you no doubt have heard that updated versions of the Caffeine demo have hit Steam and IndieDB this past week, if by chance you haven’t be sure to go check them out!

In addition today we have released some alpha gameplay from Caffeine, where someone has spilt a large quantity of coffee.

Boxed In Now Available On Google Play



In between compiling builds of Caffeine, I have been working on porting Boxed In to mobile, and here it is!

Boxed In on Google Play

Caffeine AVCon 2015 Demo


As an extra special treat for all you guys, I have decided to upload the AVCon 2015 Demo of Caffeine for all to have a play with.

Some things to note:

As this is a convention build it was designed as a short contained demo to give players a taste of the atmosphere of Caffeine, this includes some awesome new sound design by Jonathan Wachoru and music from Bay Drive Sound’s Adam Klingman.

The demo is targeted at 1080p 30fps for demo purposes, you can change this in the settings menu.

As the game is still in development the demo is not representative of the final game.


Movement – WASD

Jump – Space

Use – E

Broken Flashlight – F

Grab Object – Right-Click

Throw Object – Left-Click

Zoom – Middle Click.

Menu – M

Download Demo


Google Drive | IndieDB | Steam(Coming Soon)

Caffeine at AVCon 2015


Once again this year Caffeine graced AVCon with its smooth visuals and eerie soundtrack.

We were lucky enough to be one of the 50 indie games selected to be shown in the Indie Games Room section in Adelaide, South Australia.

The whole weekend was admittedly a little bit of a blur but the turnout was fantastic and the feedback was invaluable.

Be sure to check out my admittedly shonky photos snapped over the weekend below as well as the trailer for the Indie Games Room

Setup Day One

Setup Day One

Boxed In was beaten!

Boxed In was beaten!

Physics glitches never cease to amaze.

Physics glitches never cease to amaze.

Our stall neighbors, Vincent the Vampire!

Our stall neighbors, Vincent the Vampire!

Last minute bug fixes.

Last minute bug fixes.

Signed by every studio that was there to be auctioned off.

Signed by every studio that was there to be auctioned off.

Caffeine in UE4 – Head-Bob


In Caffeine I needed a smooth simple head bob animation that was easily configurable. My final implementation worked by having the first person camera parented to a spring arm which was animated with a timeline node.

To account for different velocity the result from the timeline was then multiplied by the movement input axis.


Caffeine 4k Screenshots Now Avaliable


It is my pleasure to release some screenshots of Caffeine in action at over 4K resolution, be sure to enjoy!

HighresScreenshot00038 HighresScreenshot00039 HighresScreenshot00040 HighresScreenshot00041 HighresScreenshot00042 HighresScreenshot00043 HighresScreenshot00044 HighresScreenshot00045 HighresScreenshot00046 HighresScreenshot00047 HighresScreenshot00048 HighresScreenshot00049 HighresScreenshot00050 HighresScreenshot00051 HighresScreenshot00052 HighresScreenshot00053

Caffeine Development Update – 3/21/2015



Caffeine development soldiers on well into 2015, there may not have been many updates from me this year so far and I apologize for that, the first few months of the year have been pretty turbulent and life is only just settling down now.

Expect a development update like this fairly often from now on, next week for example I will hopefully have something really cool to show you all, provided things go to plan that is.

A few things have changed since I have last posted to you all, firstly I have moved house and now have a dedicated study from which to create the weird and wonderful world of Caffeine!

Secondly, well this isn’t particularly work related but I have been planning my wedding along with my fiancee which is due to take place in the next few months.

Lastly I released this video during GDC a few weeks ago, be sure to check it out!


I am very pleased to announce that I will be part of a panel at OZ Comic Con Adelaide on game development with a few of my fellow developers from Adelaide!

If you are in Adelaide I encourage you to come down and enjoy what will surely be a great little panel.

Caffeine Around The Web

The Caffeinated Episodes



Recently I have made a very important decision about the future of Caffeine, today I am announcing that Caffeine will be released in three “episodes” over a certain period of time.

A small FAQ for you.


Q: Are you becoming evil? Don’t become the big publishers, charging for each part of a game!

A: Not to worry, the game will still only be sold as one unit. When the later two episodes are released the game will update itself with the new content free of any life sucking charges or fees.


Q: But why?

A: Releasing like this will allow me to get the first one to you sooner rather than later, not only allowing you to experience the first third of the game, but also allowing me to tweak the later installments based on your feedback.


Q: Won’t this butcher the story?

A: Quite the opposite actually! The story itself up until now has had three distinct sections so the transition to an episodic release will suit the main story and in my opinion make the game better in the long run.


Please stay tuned for a release date window and information on the upcoming alpha access in the coming months.

In addition, be on the lookout for some big “platform” related announcements *wink*

If you have any concerns about all this please contact me.


I would like to also touch on the status of backer rewards, we had a slight delay and will now be getting all of them together during January of  2015.

Once again, thank you for your time and support for my passion project, Caffeine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!