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Battlefield 4 Beta – PC Gameplay


In between going all fanboy on the Beyond Two Souls Demo I got to play some of the Battlefield 4 PC Beta.

So far It is living up to the standard of BF3 and I am enjoying it a little more, the graphics mainly.

Enjoy this short game-play compilation.


Speed Review – Garden State (2004)


Being such a huge movie buff and enthusiast I thought it would be a good idea to create some speed reviews of movies I watch, enjoy!

Garden State, released in 2004, written and directed by the awesome Zach Braff, is a great heartwarming drama about getting your life on track and really leaves you with a great feeling by the end credits.

For some this movie may not be “mainstream” enough, but the select few who end up enjoying this film are in for a great treat, I can’t believe I have not seen this movie before now since it was so much up my alley. he film has a very indie and a slight art-house feel to it, which is mainly attributed to the fantastic music throughout chosen by Braff himself.

I highly recommend a viewing of this film!

Isobel & The Patissier Screening


Hi Guys,

I haven’t updated the blog in ages but here we go!

So as I mentioned before I have been working on an indie film Isobel & The Patissier for the past five or so weeks, and the last few weeks have probably involved very little sleep if any.

My first experience as a VFX supervisor has been great and the whole team at MSQUARE Productions have been great and really friendly when I flew over to Sydney to meet with them and attend the first screening of Isobel and the Patissier!

It was a great screening and even though there was still a little more VFX to be completed and cleaned up everyone had a great time and I look forward to meeting up with the team sometime in the future.

I have added some photos of Myself and one of my artists (and good friend) Nathan at the screening with the Director (Michael Greene) and the Art Director/Production Designer/Producer (Mia-Danica Jamora)

Cheers Guys.1149538_475824089180083_1269149889_o 1149356_475818585847300_1562540637_o

Update on Isobel & The Patissier


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share with you my new Bio that is up on the Isobel and Patissier Site


Maintaining A Consistent Look


Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I am slowly recreating all the thumbnails for my 260 or so Youtube videos to create a consistent look all round, some of the completed ones are just above this post! They will be rolling out over the next few days with about one seventh of them already live.

Enjoy your week and remember to Like and Subscribe! 🙂


Lukey’s Documentary – Episode One


Hey guys!,  glad to announce that I will be releasing a Lukey’s Documentary Series on Youtube. Check out the first episode below and Enjoy!

New Film Shorts Collaboration – Notifications


Here is a long overdue collaboration between myself and Nathan, it was a really quick shoot and some of it was a bit out of focus but other than that it turned out pretty cool.

This is actually the first project I used Adobe Speedgrade for the colour, all the rest is the usual programs including After Effects and Premiere.



Working On A Film, And Winning A Competition


Hi guys,

I thought I could chime in on what has been going on recently.. Don’t judge i’m still a newbie at all this blogging stuff.

First off I ended up winning The Digital Tutors April contest with my entry “The Machine Inside” which can be found here, and I can guarantee that the $50 Amazon voucher went to good use for my Blu ray collection.

The second piece of news I wanted to put up here is that I am very proud to announce that I am working with a small team on a short film “Isobel & The Patissier” which has been filmed on RED Epics, which is very very exciting, it’s my first ever proper film even if it is an indie film it is still some awesome news for me.

That’s all for today! I will be updating this blog with more things and videos almost daily so be sure to keep a look out!


Every Lens Flare In Total Recall


Be sure to check out my latest Lens Flare count video 🙂

Want to compare? Watch my earlier video “How Many Lens Flares Are Actually In Star Trek

New Space VFX Shot


Hey guys Dylan here,

This is the result of a few weeks of rendering overnight, using my third Battlestar model and two planets I created in Maya I animated a short shot 🙂

I did the post in After Effects, Added lens flares, star background and engine thrust.

Here are some stills from the raw renders xD

planetshotalpha0065 planetshotalpha0478 planetshotalpha0200