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Caffeine Episode One – Alpha 2016 Steam Branch


Hello everyone,

I know that it has been slow going for Caffeine updates this year and would love to announce that I have added a new alpha build of Caffeine to Steam which will be available as a “beta” branch to everyone who owns the game already.

The build in this new branch is being updated with features and fixes which will make up the final patch to Caffeine Episode One, at this time the playable area is similar to the original demo in size and will expand over the next few weeks.

To enable this experimental build of the game, head to the Beta tab under Caffeine’s Steam settings and select “alpha2016” with the password “coffeeisthekey” .

Please take note that this is a very experimental branch intended to gauge compatibility issues and performance improvements, please send bug reports to

Thank you all for remaining patient with me, and enjoy the holidays!


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