As an extra special treat for all you guys, I have decided to upload the AVCon 2015 Demo of Caffeine for all to have a play with.

Some things to note:

As this is a convention build it was designed as a short contained demo to give players a taste of the atmosphere of Caffeine, this includes some awesome new sound design by Jonathan Wachoru and music from Bay Drive Sound’s Adam Klingman.

The demo is targeted at 1080p 30fps for demo purposes, you can change this in the settings menu.

As the game is still in development the demo is not representative of the final game.


Movement – WASD

Jump – Space

Use – E

Broken Flashlight – F

Grab Object – Right-Click

Throw Object – Left-Click

Zoom – Middle Click.

Menu – M

Download Demo


Google Drive | IndieDB | Steam(Coming Soon)