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The Caffeinated Episodes



Recently I have made a very important decision about the future of Caffeine, today I am announcing that Caffeine will be released in three “episodes” over a certain period of time.

A small FAQ for you.


Q: Are you becoming evil? Don’t become the big publishers, charging for each part of a game!

A: Not to worry, the game will still only be sold as one unit. When the later two episodes are released the game will update itself with the new content free of any life sucking charges or fees.


Q: But why?

A: Releasing like this will allow me to get the first one to you sooner rather than later, not only allowing you to experience the first third of the game, but also allowing me to tweak the later installments based on your feedback.


Q: Won’t this butcher the story?

A: Quite the opposite actually! The story itself up until now has had three distinct sections so the transition to an episodic release will suit the main story and in my opinion make the game better in the long run.


Please stay tuned for a release date window and information on the upcoming alpha access in the coming months.

In addition, be on the lookout for some big “platform” related announcements *wink*

If you have any concerns about all this please contact me.


I would like to also touch on the status of backer rewards, we had a slight delay and will now be getting all of them together during January of  2015.

Once again, thank you for your time and support for my passion project, Caffeine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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