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Caffeine and the tale of two failed Hard Drives


Late yesterday afternoon I noticed my desktop was running a little slow and something felt off, but thought nothing of it at the time. About an hour later, I opened Unreal Engine to continue working on Caffeine which I do most nights after work. To my absolute horror the Drive that was holding my main working directory for Caffeine was gone.. “what a pain” I thought “okay I have lost maybe a week or two’s work, no big deal” I then went to grab my backup drive.

Turns out in a weird evil twist that my backup drive had also failed…

I have managed to recover some parts of the game since yesterday but it is really not looking good in terms of the chances of getting a sizable amount of it back. I know what you are thinking, “you should have had it backed up in the cloud!”, I should have but living in Australia and being stuck on ADSL 1 I chose not to at the time, which I have learned was a grave mistake.

Fear not though! I am not stopping development of Caffeine now, I have come way too far for that, this is a huge passion for me and I will be working extra hard to get this game done in time.

This got me thinking about the release date for the game and the way I have been planning on releasing it. It is very tempting at the moment to switch to an episodic release , but that can be quite controversial to some so I would like your honest opinion on the matter.

The advantage to an Episodic release would be that I can have the first part out in the wild earlier than expected, since my story is structured in sections it may end up suiting this release schedule. If by chance Caffeine did end up going down this route, don’t worry about pricing etc, the ENTIRE game will still be $20 on release of the first part and the other parts would just seamlessly come in an update to the game, no extra cost to anyone.

However that may not be to your taste and you might prefer having the full game all at once, the only bad thing about this is I may have to delay the release date depending on how much more work I can salvage from my data loss.

In conclusion please please fill out this quick survey located here: and let me know your thoughts on the issue.

Please note, I have not made any decisions yet as I wanted to see your opinions first on the matter.


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