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Caffeine Pre-Alpha Demo – v1.05 Patch


After a good few days with my brand new Oculus Rift DK2, I have prepared a patch for the Caffeine Demo on Steam.

Non-Oculus Features

  • Implementation of Distance Field Ray-traced Shadows – Awesome penumbra, no shadow-map aliasing and better performance!
  • Large performance boost – R9 280 hits up to 80fps on max settings at 1080p (Level streaming still causing some jarring hiccups).
  • Menu system is in development – Very basic at the moment (does not render correctly in Oculus at this time).

Oculus Features

  • Hotkey to switch between Oculus appropriate settings – Dynamic shadows are currently disabled for Rift settings as the DFRT Shadows have some strange issues in stereo at this time.
  • Hotkey to reset orientation / head position.

Another patch will be released sometime in the next month with more performance and the inclusion of a shadow method that will work well in VR.

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