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Caffeine Pre-Release Demo v1.0


The final Caffeine pre-release demo has been released!

The purpose of the pre-release demo is give all of you an early look at the atmosphere, visual style and the beginnings of the narrative.

If you enjoy the demo, vote for Caffeine on Steam Greenlight!


Release Notes

  • Substantial performance increase from implementing level streaming.
  • Various improvements to the physics based object interaction system.
  • Based on Unreal Engine 4.4.1 (Full Oculus DK2 Support!).
  • In-Game graphical settings.
  • Crouching is now fixed.
  • Some new background lore to find!
  • A few other surprises.

Direct Links

Windows (32-Bit)  |  Windows (64-Bit)  |  Linux Builds were having an issue, fixing now!

Mirror Links

IndieDB  –  Windows (32-Bit)  |  Windows (64-Bit)

AusGamers  –  Windows (32-Bit)  |  Windows (64-Bit)



  1. Extract to directory of choice.
  2. If you have not installed the Microsoft C++ Redist 2013 before please go to and grab the version that suits your system.
  3. Run Caffeine Launcher.exe choose your settings and hit Play!
  4. Don’t forget to leave feedback through the launcher.


  1. Extract to directory of choice.
  2. Run \LinuxNoEditor\CaffeineGame\Binaries\Linux\CaffeineGame to Play!

 Linux Notes

  • If you get a libGL error you may need to update to a newer version.
  • So far this build has only been tested on Debian Unstable. (Please let me know if it works on your Linux distribution!)

5 Responses to Caffeine Pre-Release Demo v1.0

  1. It says to me that the game cannot found the “SubstanceCore” plugin :\

    • Hi there,
      Can you let me know if it is the windows version or the linux one?

      • Windows, I’m having the same error

        • Thanks for the info, I have identified the bug and fixing it as we speak, both the Windows 64-bit and the Linux build are having the issue, they will be re-uploaded within the next 7 hours (thanks for Australian Internet) sorry for the delay!

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