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Caffeine Demo 0.9.2 Release



Version 0.9.2 of the Caffeine Demo has been released today, mainly fixing a number of bugs and implementing fixes for Oculus Rift.

0.9.2 Release Notes:

  • Distance Culling (slight performance increase).
  • Unreal Engine 4.4 Base.
  • Controller mappings (hold right bumper to pick-up).
  • Head Bob auto disables when using Oculus (Untested).
  • AA switches to non-temporal and motion blur turns off when using Oculus (Untested).
  • Jumping into the coffee in storage results in level reset until swimming is implemented.
  • Very early menu system implemented.

Please Note, the demo is 64-bit only.

Don’t forget to go check out Caffeine’s IndieGoGo!:



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