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Caffeine Unreal 4 Demo


Good afternoon everyone!

I have been busy working away on Caffeine in preparation for a new Unreal 4 based demo!

This demo will be released late this week and consists of a re-designed starting level based on the old Unreal 3 demo.

The purpose of this release is to give a demonstration of the new Unreal 4 based visuals and better performance!

Don’t forget to head over to the Caffeine IndieGoGo to support the game and grab yourself a copy of the game and a whole lot of other goodies!

So far we have reached almost $3000 and while that is very shy of the $80,000 I was asking for with the flexible funding of IndieGoGo this money will still be going towards Caffeine and in the future there is a possibility of a Kickstarter campaign due to their larger community and notoriety.

IndieGoGo Campaign:
I want to convey my huge thanks to everyone who has supported Caffeine so far, through donating, sharing or even writing cool articles about the game!

Cheers from Adelaide!


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