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Caffeine Update 5/03/14


Hello all!
I know I have not updated much lately but the last week has been a little crazy.


First off there have been some fantastic articles written about Caffeine in the last week or so, including ones from Bloody Disgusting, Niche Gamer, Coffee Break Gaming, DSO Gaming, PC games Hardware, M3 Magazine, Realm of Gaming, Rely on Horror and the Teaser even made it all the way to Gametrailers!


Development is still going strong, most of the level design is now locked in for the demo level which gives me a good amount of time to get all the props and detail done!  On the lore side of things I have started to collate a number of documents detailing back story and characters for me to then distribute into note textures for in-game.

On the performance side of things I made a breakthrough and finally got rid of some bad frame rate issues and fixed up my water shader with some shiny features 😀

Hopefully the demo will be out for you all to play in 3-4 weeks!

Finally thanks so much for all of your support for Caffeine! being a part of such a great community is a fantastic feeling!

Cheers and until next time,



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