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Caffeine Update 13/02/14


Hey guys!, I would like to thank everyone who has added Caffeine to their watch lists and the abundance of people still sharing this page on Twitter.
Today’s update is about three things random sounds, performance and menus.

This week I have been laying out a simple structure to base the game on, this is why there aren’t many new areas this week since most of the work I have been doing is under the hood.
First of all I have implemented a random creepy sound generator using Kismet, even with only a few base sounds it provides for a fresh experience for each person, most of the sounds are barley audible but it makes for those “did I just hear something” moments in-game.

Secondly I have been focusing on performance, even though I am aiming Caffeine at higher-end systems, I want to at least make it run well and at the moment it really doesn’t. This is something I am actively working on as having a low performance increases the risk of pop-in!

Last but not least I have created a simple menu for testing purposes which just makes it easier for me to gauge the performance difference at different resolutions, this is laying the groundwork for an in-game menu system and inventory for you guys to collect trinkets and audio logs! Speaking of audio logs I have already had a voice actor asking to be involved which is great news!

Watch out for an updated game play trailer of the prototype level using all my updated modules tomorrow!

Don’t forget to go over to to show your support!

Cheers guys!

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