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The Stanley Parable Demo – Review


There I was minding my own business on a quiet hot Friday afternoon when I came across an interesting little game called The Stanley Parable on Steam’s front page.

I had nothing better to do so I clicked, watched the intriguing but a little bit confusing trailer that coincidentally didn’t seem to explain anything  about the actual game; alas at the end of the trailer were the words

“To Learn More Download The Free Demo”

After a rather small 800 or so megabyte download I opened it up expecting a well rounded preview of what I could expect from the full game… to my surprise The Stanley Parable Demo (or Demonstration as it refers to itself) grabs everything you know about the tried and tested “Demo” and basically loads them into a giant canon and launches them to a very very far away place. Instead of the usual often boring demos that are basically a level taken from the final game you get from AAA titles you are presented with the demo being your quest to get to the real demo when in the end that experience itself is the entire demo.. got that?

So now you are maybe thinking “well how do you know what the game is like and why will you buy it?” The amount of creativity in this demo and game is just awesome and it turns out that The Stanley Parable Demo is actually great fun and in my opinion if the game creator is willing to do such an “out there” idea in a demo that has nothing from the actual game that also is quite frankly hilarious, well I won’t spoil anything for you because to experience the fantastical time I had with The Stanley Parable and the Demo you really just have to go and download the demo off of steam for free and you will most probably be hooked within the first 3 minutes of the demo.

The only reason you have to dislike this game is if you have a hatred for a witty British accent… well that is not really a reason, I mean who doesn’t like a witty British accent??

You can purchase The Stanley Parable on Steam for $11.99 AUD until the 24th October after that it is $20.00 AUD.


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