Incandescent Imaging


Based in Adelaide, Australia, Dylan is an aspiring self-taught Cinematographer, Photographer, Game Developer & Movie Critic.

He has been honing his skills in various related fields for the last seven years and so far released the first episode of Caffeine, a psychological horror adventure game, worked on a short film as VFX Supervisor for MSQUARE Productions & has built up a following on Youtube of 700+ subscribers where he posts movie reviews and obsesses about collecting all those precious Blurays.



Dylan’s YouTube journey started way back in 2007 with a camera that recorded video at 320×240 with varying degree of sound and started to build a following.

Over the years along with actual decent video quality his channel changed focus and it has included a wide range of topics including tech videos, short films, gameplay and in the past year movie collecting / reviews.

With a massive passion for film Dylan has finally found his niche in YouTube and the channel is experiencing massive growth in the past year by focusing on physical media and technical aspects in addition to the art of movies.

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